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Upon initial appointment and meeting to discuss the scope and budget of the clients needs and desires, we will, in several cases, do an initial sketch to provide an immediate visual perspective to see if we are relating. In many cases, the client will say: "That looks great! How much would something like that cost?" We can usually give a general range in price based on the initial sketch at that first meeting.

In most cases we will end up taking all the needed notes and pictures, then offer CAD drawings (computer aided designs), usually at no cost. This way the customer can see a scaled perspective of the design. We can also provide realistic renderings that almost look like a photograph of what the finished product will look like. We invest much time in this process, with little or no expense to the customer. We don't relinquish any drawings, but we do spend as much time as needed with the customer reviewing the project, drawings and pricing. In some cases, if the customer desires, they may purchase the drawings. (Please speak to the lead designer for additional information.)

Depending on the scope and size of the project, there is usually a quick turnaround from the initial appointment to a second meeting to provide sketches and estimates: typically three to eight days.

We create all of our own cabinetry. This allows us to utilize almost every inch available, with the added ability to design any size shape cabinetry or furniture

When a customer decides to go forward with a project, we write up a detailed contract and provide a spreadsheet schedule. 95% of the time we are within one week of our estimated schedule timeframe. Since it is our own employees who do the majority of the work, it helps us control the timing, scheduling, cleanliness, and caliber of workmen in the home. A payment schedule typically varies with the size of the project. For instance, on a $10,000 project, there would usually be four to five deposits: most of them equal and due at some milestone related to the project schedule. Final payment is made upon completion.

When doing a kitchen remodel, we provide a kitchenette. This service provides a cabinet counter with drawers, an oven with two burners, a toaster oven, a microwave, and beverage refrigerators. This allows the customer access to the functions of a kitchen which softens any inconvenience of the project.

We go through great lengths compared to most remodelers with respect to cleanliness: draping plastic, zipper doors, floor protection, and being conscious about the daily habits and routines of the customers and their family members.

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