chieber Kitchen



We wanted to obtain the most usable space possible so we created a custom sink-cabinet with two pull-out doors. Also notice the cabinet shelves come to a point, this is due to the corner sink location.

Here we lined the toaster drawer in order to make cleaning easier. This drawer also has an outlet located inside for the toaster.

The next three images below are of a custom built breakfast nook. Also notice above the island is a large flared skylight allowing for maximum natural light into the space.

This is a view of the flared skylight over the island. The skylight is located at the ridge of the roof.

The columns are not wasted space there are shelves inside for hidden storage, they also open with a simple touch.

The image below is a built-in wine refrigerator with a panel matching the cabinetry.

The image below is of the frosted glass upper cabinet with a frosted glass back panel.

Below you will see another way we took advantage of the flared skylight. This is the backside of the frosted glass uppers, we wanted to harness as much natural light as possible for the entire space, we achieved this by using frosted glass as the back panel, which in turn allowed light through to the foyer below.

The image below is a custom door made to look like two full-height cabinets.

The transom and sidelights around the entry are yet another way to harness natural light.

The french window you see here is unusual in the fact that there is no center stile, the windows also open out as not to encroach on the space.